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 Hexagontchi Game Guide
Posted by evie_00 - 09-11-10 09:37 - 0 comments
Hexagontchi Game Guide

Hello! When I first got my Hexagon, I was confused as could be about how to play ...read more
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 Music Star Game Guide
Posted by -Ra- - 09-2-09 03:32 - 0 comments
Tamagotchi Music Star Games Guide:

(How to play all of the MS games!)

Hello! Before I start going off into detail, I would like to tell you guys what this guide is primarily for. Some people have ha ...read more
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 How to generate V3, 4 and 4.5 passwords
Posted by GK1 - 06-29-08 11:20 - 0 comments
The following is an extract from this topic http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=8225 in Codes and Passwords by D-Best, explaining his technique for generating your own ...read more
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 Hanerutchi 1 Item Codes
Posted by Real_Three - 03-24-08 19:05 - 0 comments
Please note this topic is for Hanerutchi 1.

KeiTama Codes that will work on Hanerutchi

From - http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic= ...read more
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 V5 & FamiTama passwords for 1000GP
Posted by binary - 02-2-08 01:21 - 0 comments
TamaExpo logout passwords are based on character type. A logout password can be reused as long as you still have that character. The following table are the logout passwords for 1000 GP prizes.
read more
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 V5 Special Passwords & FamiTama DVD Passwords
Posted by binary - 02-1-08 22:19 - 0 comments
The FamiTama is the Japanese equivalent to the V5 (Familitchi). It is available bundled with a DVD. Prizes from the games on the DVD are transferred to the FamiTama via passwords. During the Christmas holidays, I reverse-engineered enough of the ...read more
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 Dancinkayley's ROM Testing Guide
Posted by dancinkayley - 01-8-08 03:35 - 0 comments
This probably was already posted somewhere but in any case I've decided to post a guide with pictures.

Underneath the pictures I'll tell you what will happen depending on what button you press when that screen appears on your Tama ...read more
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 Oden-kun Passwords
Posted by binary - 06-22-07 10:37 - 0 comments
*Note: The "Oden-kun" Tamagotchi is a Bandai Japanese model based on a Japanese television show centered around the character called Oden-kun. It was first sold on March 31, 2007 and were available in Japan only. T ...read more
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 Quick Ways to Earn Gotchi Points
Posted by Melissa K. - 03-17-07 18:32 - 0 comments
A lot of people don't like to make their tamagotchi gain weight just to play the games when you are at the "Games & Fun Stuff" function. Fear not! I have some useful techniques on how to get gotchi points (P) without doing so&# ...read more
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 V4 Job Information
Posted by muddy_girl - 03-8-07 23:22 - 0 comments
After help from many people in my topic in the project area I finally completed the jobs chart and descriptions! Thanks to everyone who help contribute to this project, you made it all worthwhile! I pushed and pushed and I've had some gr ...read more
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