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Tama Zone Greats
Tama Zone Greats
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Oct 31 2013, 08:10 AM #16

EEEWWW! My old art is hideous! I think I'll finally make a post with some of my latest artworks...

Perotchi in both anime and blue-outline styles.

Coffretchi in Chamametchi's dress.

Mizutamatchi and Tamatchi, because I got them on my V3s. ^_^


Crepetchi... with Ichigotchi on her head instead of the strawberry!

Sad Julietchi.

And last but not least, Kiraritchi as an angel.

I've got several more but I'm too lazy to post them. I'll show them to you later. :wink:

Self-proclaimed biggest fan of Tamagotchi <3