by tamagotchi rules
14 Jan 2008, 02:21
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Topic: Most Hated Board Games
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I love all of them. But I would have to hate
Monopoly the most. Because of its very long gameplay,
and the game is pretty confusing at times. Scrabble is
my favorite. :)
by tamagotchi rules
14 Jan 2008, 00:19
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Topic: V1 Tama
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<r>I wish I didn't ever debug mine. I scratched it to debug it, and you can't repair scratches. I did the same with my V2.<br/> I have a V3, but its been soaked twice (still works, thankfully), a V4, and a V4.5. They still sell them at the Walmart where my sister lives, so I might invest in another ...
by tamagotchi rules
11 Jul 2007, 20:56
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Topic: I'm So Excited!
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Never? What about movies?
Monster in Law, Out of Sight, The Cell, Anaconda?
by tamagotchi rules
21 Jun 2007, 15:14
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Topic: Charlie the Unicorn
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<r><QUOTE author="tamaluver482 @ Jun 18 2007, 06:09 PM"><s>[quote="tamaluver482 @ Jun 18 2007, 06:09 PM"]</s> <URL url=""><s>[url=]</s><e>[/url]</e></URL><br/> <br/> Trust me...
by tamagotchi rules
12 Jun 2007, 15:47
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Topic: Ohno!
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I would have actually UN-PAUSED it. That way, whenever it beeps you might hear it and find it. That's just how I found mine before. ^.^ Good luck finding them...Try asking some of your family memebers if they've seen it.
by tamagotchi rules
12 Jun 2007, 15:37
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Topic: Music Rulez!
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1. Jennifer Lopez
2. Christina Aguilera
3. Nelly Furtado
4. Rihanna
5. Fergie
6. Beyonce

That's my top 6...
by tamagotchi rules
11 Jun 2007, 13:11
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Topic: sea-monkeys
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<r><IMG src=""><s>[img]</s><e>[/img]</e></IMG><br/> <br/> ^ Sea Monkey<br/> <br/> <IMG src=""><s>[img]</s><e...
by tamagotchi rules
10 Apr 2007, 22:48
Forum: Introductions
Topic: I'm leaving TZ...
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I understand. I did the same way with TamaTalk when
I found a Jennifer Lopez forum. I was also losing interest in Tamagotchis, but I came back to liking them again. Hopefully
you'll come back and visit sometime. Goodbye...
by tamagotchi rules
07 Apr 2007, 21:50
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Topic: Your Favourite Band/Singer
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You don't have to ask me twice...Or once
for that matter... Look in my signature!
by tamagotchi rules
07 Apr 2007, 20:42
Forum: Tamagotchi Discussion
Topic: Who should be the Tama V4.5 mascot?
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I so wish Kuchipatchi would. He is my all-time
favorite Tamagotchi. It probably won't happen, though.
Mametchi will probably get it. >.>
by tamagotchi rules
07 Apr 2007, 02:30
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Topic: What food do tama like?
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Uhh...This should be somewhere else.

*Moved to Tamagotchi Chat*
by tamagotchi rules
24 Mar 2007, 01:51
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Topic: Am I different?
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<t>Don't feel bad. Your not different. Well...Everybody<br/> is different. There are a lot of girls like that in school.<br/> You sound like a tomboy, but don't be ashamed. Almost<br/> every girl I know is a tomboy. Hope I didn't hurt your feelings in anyway. If I did, I'm sorry. Just tryin' to help...
by tamagotchi rules
22 Mar 2007, 00:58
Forum: Tamagotchi Support
Topic: when can you change jobs
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I seriously have no idea. What I did though
was just randomly push buttons and take my finger off
of them slowly, and keep pushing other buttons the same.
I'm sure somebody has a better explanation, though.

*Moved to Tamagotchi Support*
by tamagotchi rules
21 Mar 2007, 20:50
Forum: Tamagotchi Support
Topic: hope this works for you.
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Uhh...Alrighty then. I'll just close this.
by tamagotchi rules
20 Mar 2007, 18:08
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Topic: creepy muffin vidio
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XD! I love that video. I sent to a lot
of people. It was kind of weird. When the part came when
they zoomed up on their faces, I thought somethin' scary
was going to pop up. :P It was pretty funny, though.