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The EnTama and UraTama Japanese Tamagotchi models have a cooking function. You can make new foods or snacks by combining two ingredients.

Cooking ingredients are available from the Market in the EnTama Tamagotchi Town, and UraTama Town. They are also sometimes available from the street vendor. He visits twice daily; at 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

After you've purchased some cooking ingredients, you can find them on your Tamagotchi by activating the chef icon (top row, second from the left). The chef menu contains three selections: food, snack, and cooking. When you select cooking, your Tamagotchi will beep if you don't have any ingredients. Otherwise, they will appear in a manner similar to the way food and snacks are displayed.

To the lower left of each ingredient pictured on screen, a small number is shown, indicating the quantity you have. To the upper right, a small icon indicates the ingredient's group. Just as each Tamagotchi belongs to a zoku, or group, so do the cooking ingredients. For EnTama the small icon is a pencil for intelligence, a sparkly star for style, and a flower for kindness. For UraTama there's a hand for humor, a different sparkly star for gorgeous, and flames for passion.

To successfully cook, you'll need to mix two ingredients belonging to the group that your Tamagotchi character belongs to. If any of these three don't match, your cooking experiment will fail. For example, if you have an Ura Mame character, your two ingredients must belong to the Ura Mame group too. Since there are neither Hatena-zoku nor Bikkuri-zoku ingredients, Tamagotchi characters from these groups can not cook.

To get started, activate the chef icon and select cooking. Scroll through the list until you reach the first ingredient you want to cook with. Press the middle button on your Tamagotchi to select it that ingredient. The screen will blink. Scroll through the list until you reach the second ingredient you want to cook with. Press the middle button to select it. Both selected ingredients will appear together, above two menu options. The upper option confirms your selections. The lower option cancels your selections. After confirming your selection, your character will appear, performing some action to mix the ingredients together. Successful cooking will result in a new food or snack item, which you should now be able to find in the food or snack menus.

When you Tamagotchi character consumes food or snacks that you've created, in addition to satisfying their hunger or happiness needs, their GUTS points will also increase.

EnTama Chart

UraTama Chart

Note: there are some ingredients with the same name but belonging to different groups. For example, "extract" is listed in the Mame, Meme, Kuchi, Ura Mame, Ura Meme, and Ura Kuchi sections. When cooking be sure to use the correct one, corresponding to that section. You can not use the Kuchi extract for Mame cooking; you have to use the Mame extract for Mame cooking.

Nutritional Information

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  Mame Section         Type   GUTS    |    Ura Mame Section     Type   GUTS
  -------------------  -----  ----    |    -------------------  -----  ----
  anchovie             food     1     |    fantail fish         food     1
  parfait              snack    1     |    parfait              snack    1
  bag lunch            food     1     |    box lunch            food     1
  square donut         snack    1     |    bowtie donut         snack    1
  square onigiri       food     1     |    bowtie onigiri       food     1
  square mushroom      food     1     |    bowtie mushroom      food     1
  square apple         snack    2     |    bowtie apple         snack    2
  Kintarou candy       snack    2     |    Kintarou candy       snack    2
  Mame drink           food     1     |    drink                food     1
  glasses bun          snack    3     |    tambourine bun       snack    3
        (intelligence GUTS points)    |                 (humor GUTS points)
  Meme Section         Type   GUTS    |    Ura Meme Section     Type   GUTS
  -------------------  -----  ----    |    -------------------  -----  ----
  Guruguru lollipop    snack    2     |    gotchi candy         snack    2
  rolled sandwich      food     1     |    hamburger            food     1
  Guruguru fruit       snack    1     |    flower dango         snack    1
  music bread          food     1     |    bread                food     1
  star donut           snack    1     |    ring donut           snack    1
  star onigiri         food     1     |    diamond onigiri      food     1
  star mushroom        food     1     |    rose mushroom        food     1
  star apple           snack    2     |    ruby apple           snack    2
  ribbon candy         snack    1     |    pearl candy          snack    1
  ribbon drink         food     3     |    jewel drink          food     3
               (style GUTS points)    |              (gorgeous GUTS points)
  Kuchi Section        Type   GUTS    |    Ura Kuchi Section    Type   GUTS
  -------------------  -----  ----    |    -------------------  -----  ----
  hot spring bun       snack    2     |    volcano bun          snack    2
  hot spring drink     food     1     |    drink                food     1
  heart fruit          snack    1     |    fire fruit           snack    1
  heart donut          snack    1     |    spiky donut          snack    1
  heart bowl rice      food     1     |    spiky bowl rice      food     1
  heart onigiri        food     1     |    dumbbell onigiri     food     1
  heart mushroom       food     1     |    fire mushroom        food     1
  heart apple          snack    2     |    fire apple           snack    2
  Ohisama cake         snack    1     |    boxing glove cookie  snack    1
  smiling bread        food     3     |    passion bread        food     3
            (kindness GUTS points)    |               (passion GUTS points)
* Type indicates food or snack.
For all occurances in this chart,
food = fills 1 hungry heart, adds 1 weight
snack = fills 1 happy hearts, adds 2 weight
* GUTS indicates the number of GUTS points gained each time consumed.