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Tamagotchi m!x anniversary growth chart.

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Oct 24 2017, 09:24 PM #1

I've changed form! No, not really, I just lost my password for my old account (Kaya) and I'm using this one, for now. Anyway, to the point, I still can't believe we don't have an Anniversary Growth Chart yet. I mean, come on, we've had this version out for what, nearly a year! And we have the m!x growth patterns, right? Well, I'm documenting my findings and so far I can tell you...

1. Petitchi evolves into Ahirukutchi with happiness ≥ 10 points.
2. Petitchi evolves into Kuribotchi with happiness < 10 points.
3. Shiropetitchi evolves into everyone's favourite child character, Sakuramotchi with happiness &#8805; 10 points.
4. Shiropetitchi evolves into Belltchi with happiness < 10 points.

I know for a fact Cosmotchi is one of the teens, and Makiko (please, don't do what I did and misread it as Mikako...) and Shimashimatchi are the bad care adults.

And I also know for about three seconds that Maimaitchi is the 6 care mistake, happiness below 20 teen who I didn't like to start with, and now that he's got the Waamuwaamutchi curse acting on him...

So taking it from here, we need some air on this project! Here's what I want to see:

Character A -> Character B
Care mistakes:
Happiness: high (above 20) or low (below 20)

I'll also be logging this from here on, too.

Let's get the show on the road!

Tama Zone High ranks
Tama Zone High ranks
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Nov 5 2017, 08:36 AM #2

I know this is a long shot since this forum is pretty dead, but can anyone tell me if the characters they added (Kuromametchi, Makiko, Oyajitchi etc.) replace some of the previous m!x characters or does it add them to the existing lot? I'm assuming it replaces the others like the iD L 15th did. And what are the other additions of the Anniversary version?

I'm considering getting a m!x and I want to know if it's worth the extra money to put towards the Anniversary one.
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