V3 Character Information Chart

All other important reference charts can be found in here. Includes character food likes and dislikes charts, items charts, souvenir charts and more.

V3 Character Information Chart

Tama Zone Immortals
Tama Zone Immortals
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Here's a V3 Character Sleep/Wake time Chart.
It also shows base-weights, odd/even gens and likes/dislikes.
Hope you like it!

If you find any information on it that is wrong please post in this topic.

Information was compiled from my own recordings and observations- a few gaps were filled in using the 'substitute' character theory from V2 to V3 characters which I first posted on TamaTalk;likes/dislikes were compiled by memebers of tamatalk and tama-zone- a seperate topic is available for them.
and also started this topic;
and last but not least;
the Sleep/Wake project being compiled by Shawdy on Tama-Talk.

Shawdy's sleep/wake project
Thank you to Shawdy for her help.


Chart updated 30th April 2008.

old chart here

http://vpets.org/images/TamaZone/Other- ... artha4.png