V3 Passwords For GKB

Contains tips, tricks and cheats which have been tested by our members. All work! Password and Souvenir cheats can be found in here.

V3 Passwords For GKB


Nov 16 2006, 08:31 PM #1

Enjoy these passwords and codes! For the passwords to work, YOUR USER NAME MUST BE GKB on your tamagotchi

UNIVERSAL CODES (Will work on all V3s regardless of Username. Enter at the shop)

1.ABBA ACBA cake
2.BCAB ACBC steak
3.CBAC CABC cuckoo clock
5.CACA BABC stuffed animal
6.ACBB BACC hair gel
7.BCBC CABA honey

PASSWORDS (Will only work for username GKB, other passwords are character dependent, so will not work)

10186 72066-Passport
36874 48672-Key
50122 50674-Key2
57322 71053-Map
25824 22756-Textbook
01312 25285-Computer
49056 30934-Medal
57536 30097-Ring
83872 19822-Cape
01354 55110-Crown
97834 85715-Skateboard
51946 63485-Balloon
21130 48684-Cap
94090 67420-Bear
96522 69080-Gold Tama
78432 09048-CD
13002 52050-Shoes
75840 08373-Poster
03378 68094-Poster2
29920 35700-Poster3
84448 35204-Bandai Ribbon
34762 52386-MIC
68096 33687-Suitcase
28458 78531-Trophy

2 UNIVERSAL PASSWORDS (Will work on all V3s regardless of Username)

63532 86367-Pen
32479 91490-??


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Tama Zone Immortals
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Feb 8 2007, 12:48 PM #2

If you want passwords for GKB without going to Tama-Town, use this topic and read through the V3 link.


You should be able to get all the passwords you need.